Save Money Now!

We have all seen the news, for the first time in a long time, property values have fallen.

Unfortunately some systems are slow to react. Plus some will not unless YOU act.

One such system is the Property Tax. Reducing your property tax has a 3 fold effect. First it reduces your current bill. Second it is restricted in future, due to the Save Our Homes 3% maximum. Lastly the new legislation allows you to take this equity when you move. Locked in!

Are you paying too much? Act Now!

The process is simple;

A) Determine if you are over assessed. Check your tax bill and compare the Fair Market Value with sales in your neighborhood. Either use the look up tool below, or call us on (386) 538-0653. If you feel you are too high we can do a quick appraisal and go see the County Appraiser.

Or if this does not resolve your concerns.

B) Decide whether you what to file the documentation & attend the appeal yourself. We will fill out the appeal application and provide valuation evidence for you to sign & send.

C) You file & once you get notice of an appeal you want us to take over and represent you at the appeal.


D) We do it all. We prepare all documentation file it and represent you at the appeal.

Remember the local assessors rarely get access to your home & most are estimates done from the exterior. There may even be zones within your home that should not be classified as Gross Living Area (GLA). So why are you being taxed on them?

If we do not truly believe you do not represent a good candidate for a reduction we will not pursue it.



Property insurance is costly, and many home owners don’t fully understand the jargon, or what they’re buying & how to save money. The key is: Adequate coverage needed without being grossly underinsured. Revisit it annually.

Consider the following to reduce costs:

How did the Agent / Insurer determine the replacement value of your home? Is it accurate & have you ever sought a professional opinion?

Determine the limits you want on your homeowners insurance, what value you need to insure, get multiple quotes. I.E. get a third party professional opinion of replacement cost.

Consider purchasing your homeowner, auto and umbrella insurance with the same company so a multi-coverage discount will apply. Shop around.

Having; Upgraded locks, smoke & burglar alarms and a sprinkler system could mean bigger discounts.

Get quoted for insurance that would pay to replace your belongings, rather than pay you based on their depreciated value. Consider reducing your home contents coverage, especially if you own items that are worth less now and you would be willing to buy second-hand to replace them. If you have funds set aside, decide if you would use this.

Make sure you carry enough liability insurance just in case a person is injured on your premises.

Always read the policy when you receive it.

Check discounts for upgrades. Ensure they do not overlap & cancel each other out.

Remove or demolish non-safe structures you do not need that could damage or endanger your home in a storm.

Remove debris around the home. Underbrush is the biggest cause of fire spread. If the region is rural & probable to forest fire, remove all debris and keep grass cut.

Remove or reduce additional structures coverage from your homeowner policy. It’s typically automatically included in your policy, even if you don’t have a stand-alone shed, garage or cottage, especially if you would not intend to replace it.

As you maintain modernize. Upgraded mechanical systems less prone to leaks & breakages these are less likely to damage your home. Remember flooding can come from inside the home as well.

Use the Windstorm Loss Reduction Program. Simply ensuring that the correct nails are used on the roof and that they are spaced appropriately can bring a discount of approximately 11 percent off the wind portion of your premium. If you’re not sure have an inspector / contractor explain.

Replace hard landscape items with soft, safer materials such as shredded bark when flying about is less prone to breaking windows or damaging your car.

You should have ample coverage without paying for $500,000, when $300,000 would be sufficient.

We are about saving money not wasting it!

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